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Bin Harkil Start Serving In Mining Industry


The company established as a trading house in 1932 and carries its business in different activities in Saudi Arabia.

The family has decided during August 1990, to re structures its business and services with full fox on the industrial services, mainly the mining sector.

Mining in Saudi Arabia

At the time when Bin Harkil commenced the restructuring of its business model the mining industry was in its startup age where; Mahad Ad Dahab Gold Mine, was the only operational mine operated and owned by Petromeen, where we start cooperating with Petomeen after the startup of Mahad Ad Dhab Gold mine, we are among the few experienced the mining in Saudi Arabia at its infancy.

Association & Experience Gathering:

Demand at the time of our startup was mainly on supply of equipments, spare parts and technical service and Bin Harkil becomes the exclusive agent/distributor for International manufacturers, engineering companies, and consultant, such as, Nordberg, Lokom, Tamrock, Davey Mackey, Stephen Robertson and Kerstin (SRK), Bateman, Exclusive Technical Service (ETS), Emco Wemco, Envirotech, Larox Process Equipment, and more.

Engineering & Process Expertise

We learn quite early that mining and its process plant are outstanding technology which doesn’t follow a defined principle and depend a lot on experience and process knowhow, due to the numerous variation of the natural mineral resources, where it make every mine or process plant unique and require significant know how and support facility. At Bin Harkil we establish our facility and resources to provide the required support in the following fields:

  • Local engineering capability to upgrade and provide process enhancement as demanded by the mine and to suet the production requirement and parameters.
  • Modernization of the facility to achieve its best recovery and process competitiveness in the industries.
  • Establish required mechanical and structural facilities, at accessible location with required engineering and technical staff.

Therefore since August 1990 to date we have established worldwide net work of professionals relation, with engineering firms, technology research institute and solution providers and developed in house knowhow to support process industries in Saudi Arabia, with special attention to mining and quarrying industries.

In the past 3o year we have executed and contributed to a significant number of successful project where we have accumulated noticeable local experience not available for any other local company.

Project example:

Bellow we wish to share some of our project executed related to mining projects and operation:

1.Bankable feasibility Study

  • Mahad Ad’dahab Gold Mine, Zink process, study and execution accomplished by Bin Harkil and Batemen of South Africa.
  • Bankable feasibility Study of Al Hajar Gold Mine ( Albaha) project executed by SRK and Bin Harkil.
  • Alamar Gold Mine, Bankable Feasibility Study, executed by Bin Harkil and SRAK.
  • Hydrogioligical Study for all mines under Mahd Ad’dahab Gold Mine which later become the concession of Ma’aden at present, this study have covered all the mining site including Phosphate mine in the North up to the Cupper Mine in Najran, this study was accomplished in 5 years. All the field works accomplished by Bin Harkil and the compilation of data by SRK and GBM in UK.
  • Magnezite Mine, the study was executed jointly by Bin Harkil and Davey Mackey, in Zarghat & Zuriyghit, the study was the first industrial Minerals Project executed by Bin Harkil.
  • Al Salam Gold Mine, Atbarah Sudan, this mine project was awarded to Bin Harkil to carry the feasibility study, Engineering and Construction Supervision, we were able to win the tender among International bidders.


2.Mining Project Engineering & Construction :

  • Mahad Ad’dahab Zinc Flotation and beneficiation plant, this project was awarded to Bin Harkil on EBC Project, and Bin Harkil has awarded the process design to M/S Bateman Minerals as a subcontractor.
  • Al Hajar Gold Mine, the Engineering was executed by our partners M/S Senate Minerals in South Africa and construction was carried out by Bin Harkil.
  • SADAF Salt Plant, the plant expansion was needed to increase the production capacity from 2.2 M tone 4 M tone per year, after several attempt to carry the upgrade in house by Sadaf, finally the project was awarded to Bin Harkil to carry the full engineering and re habilitation of the plant.
  • Phosphate Mine, in this project we were selected by Ma’aden Phosphate to study and recommend solution for the continues mechanical defect of duel slope high capacity screen and feeding method of the phosphate rocks, we studied the case and develop the required mechanical solution and upgrade at the crushing plant, we were able to solve a technical blunder with the design and equipment mounting, the implementation of the solution was accomplished within 48 hours of downtime.
  • Design and Manufacture, Phosphate Mine, fine ore blinding and beneficiation station, consist of turnkey screen plant with a capacity of 1000 ton per hour. For Ma’aden sub contractor M/S Al Marbaai.


3.Crushing & Material Handling Project

Bin Harkil were significantly involved in the construction industries and port facility, where we executed 10th of projects in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan. Some of the project where technically innovative in the region and made us among the large scale crushing and screening plant designer and manufacturer, the production of high capacity with strict quality control for significant material such as Rail Ballast used by Saudi Arabian Rails (SARS).

Bin Harkil was selected by all SARS contractors to insure quality of plant and achievement of high quality product & capacity, such Barclay Moulm, Bin Ladin, Alayuni and Alomaire to design manufacture construct, Rail Ballast crushing & screening plant with capacity ranging from 800 to 1500 tons per hours.

4.Manufacturing Facility:

In order to support mining process plant, mining equipment and earth moving equipment we have established a fully equipped manufacturing plant in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, this plant contained some unique facility in the region such as large scale press brake, high capacity plate rolling, underwater plasma cutting, robotic welding and CNC machining center.

5.At our factory we are recognized by major global manufacturers and mining operators as an OEM, rebuild service center, processes equipment manufacturing partners, steel fabricators, metal service center, and mining equipment providers, for surface mines, process design engineers, plant detailing, excavator and loaders bucket and attachment manufacturer, screens and feeders manufacturer, mechanical steel structure support fabricator, were parts supply and manufacturer, machines upgrades or modification, hot slag bucket manufacturer.

6.Bin Harkil is selected to be the only SSAB Wear Part Center covering Saudi Arabia with high quality wear resistant parts for demanding industrial applications.